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Golden Child

Golden Child’ Reward Scheme



Our purpose is to raise the standards of behaviour across the school and ensure all members of staff and all the children have the same high expectations with regard to behaviour and attitudes to learning.  We acknowledge that the majority of our children behave in a responsible manner and we are keen to recognise this.


Vision – ‘ Going for Gold’

Our vision is to ensure that all the children in the school make the right behaviour choice in school and work hard to meet all of the criteria of our ‘Golden Rules’. 


We listen to people, we don’t interrupt

We are honest; we don’t cover up the truth

We are kind and helpful, we don’t hurt others

We try to work hard, we don’t waste time

We look after property, we don’t waste or damage things



For each class there is a ‘Golden Child’ badge which depicts the class colour.




 For children to gain their class coloured ‘Golden Child’ badge they must demonstrate consistency in meeting the Golden Rules. This will be monitored by all staff in school and children will be nominated to receive the award each term.




Every child will have the opportunity to receive a ‘Golden Child’ badge for each class they are in during their time at Gilberts, so could they could leave us with several badges!  If your child is in the same class colour for two years running (as can happen with mixed classes) they will receive a different badge, so they will not have two the same colour.



By the time the children are in Year 2 they may have received three badges and they can then aim for the FINAL super Headteacher’s ‘Golden Child’ Award. This badge is slightly different to the class coloured ones so it makes it extra special!


 When children have received ANY golden child award they are allowed to wear their badge with pride and their photo’s will be added to the school website (with parent’s permission of course – no names). Children will also be allowed chosen to participate in specific activities throughout the year in addition to the normal Golden Time which takes place in class. 



In the unlikely event that a child demonstrates negative behaviour that does not uphold their ‘Golden Child’ Status, their reward will be suspended.


Queries or Further Information

We hope that this has provided you with sufficient information about this scheme. However, should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to ask.