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The Academy Improvement Board for Gilbert Heathcote Nursery and Infant School is part of a delegated structure within the Cavendish Learning Trust. For more information please visit the Cavendish Learning Trust Website by following the link below. 

Welcome to the Academy Improvement Board section. 

Our Academy Improvement Board is structured to reflect the three schools under the leadership of our Executive Headteacher and includes associates that link directly to the individual schools and key associates that oversee specific areas of responsibility. 

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The Academy Improvement Board Associates for Gilbert Heathcote Nursery and Infant School have a wide background of experience gained in both Public and Private sectors, bringing together a range of skills. The names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each associate are detailed below.


We have also provided an Annual Statement at the end of this page. This details work we have undertaken as an Academy Improvement Board this year and our priorities for next year. 

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Their main role is to support the Executive Headteacher, the Head of School and the staff – the phrase often used to describe this role is ‘a critical friend’. We help them to set and reach targets and to strive for excellence across the whole spectrum of school life.


The two key documents used for this are the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and the Self Evaluation Summary (SES). The SIP sets out a strategic plan for the school, with targets that everyone works towards and the SES sets out how well the school is doing and where we aim to make improvements.


Our delegated duties include:-


setting the school's local direction, policies and objectives

monitoring the spend of the school budget at local level

reviewing progress against the school's objectives

challenging and supporting the Executive Headteacher


The Academy Improvement Board meets at least once every term. 


There are two categories of associate, appointed by different groups that have an interest in the school. These are Key Associates and Link Associates , which may include Parents and Staff. All associates have equal status, however they are appointed.




Date Started End Date 



Pecuniary Interest

Attendance at Meetings 


Joanne Mappin Executive Headteacher Sept 2019 / No  
Rebecca Vodden Page Head of Barrow Hill Sept 2019 / No  
Lauren Kay Head of Gilbert Heathcote 



/ No  
Louise Parker Head of Poolsbrook  Sept 2019 / No  
Gemma Thorp Link Associate BHPA Sept 2019



Sally Potter Link Associate GHS Sept 2019 Aug 2023 No  
Lorraine Gosnell Link Associate PBPA  Sept 2019 Aug 2023 No  
Glenda Ward  Key Associate  Sept 2019 Aug 2023 No  
Helen McVicar Key Associate  Sept 2019 Aug 2023 No  
Andrew Crowther  Vice Chair  Sept 2019 Aug 2023 No  




Governor Type Resources Committee School Governance Reconstitution Sept 2015 Business or Pecuniary Interest Attendance at Meetings 2017-2018

Attendance at Meetings


Start Date End Date
Joanne Mappin  Staff Yes 1 Sep 11 - No 100% 100%
Andrew Crowther ,Vice Chair Co-opted Yes 19 Mar 14 18 Mar 18 No 100% 100%
Matthew Broughton , Chair  Co-opted Yes 1 Sep 15 31 Aug 19 No 100% 0%
Andrew Lawton Co-opted Yes 1 Sep 15 31 Aug 19 No 40% 0%
Lauren Kay Staff No


Sep 17

19 Sep


No 100% 100%
John Fisher  Parent No 22 Jan 16 21 Jan 20 No 100% 100%

Lisa Ryan

Parent No

18 Nov 16

17 Nov


No 100% 100%

Jane McInnes

Parent No

18 Jan


17 Jan


No 67% 0%